So as you may or may not have noticed, a few weeks ago the Bionicle 2015 summer sets became available in Europe, and today I recieved one of those sets; Skull Warrior. So I thought I'd give a little review of this set. The new wave consists of 4, medium sized villain sets, each containing a drained mask of their respective element, and one large set containing the leader of the Skull Creatures, Skull Grinder/Kulta, and Ekimu; along with the Mask of Creation.



with his hook-blade...


...Which is used for knocking of and picking up masks. Speaking of which, it comes with a half-drained version of Kopaka 2015's golden mask.


comparison between mask of ice, golden mask of ice and drained mask of ice.


Kopaka wearing the drained mask


Toa of Light 1

A Toa of Light I created, possibly my best MOC so far.


A fox-like creature I created, and yes I said creature not Rahi, since this is meant to be a creature that lives on Spherus Magna, that is the correct term.

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