So yeah, title says it all. I got a new set last Wednesday that I thought I'd give a quick review of, for any here who don't already own the set, and I have some news concerning Bionicle 2016, for anyone who hasn't been keeping up to date with events :P

So anyway, the set is Hahli Mahri, I found this on ebay unopened and for £15, so being one of my favorite Inika build sets I decided to buy her. Here're a few pics of the set: (ok I do have a lot more images of the set to share, but wikia's being annoying and slow. It's taken me half an hour just to upload this one... :/


So here's the box, pretty cool, nice image and logo.

2016 news

Images of 4 of next years sets have been released, along with a slight glimpse at some of the others. Images can be found on the TTV message boards, I'll add a link later :P

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