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  • LEGOFan, Benny, and I have created a Lego community central wiki where different LEGO Wikis can collaborate and have competitions/events together.

    If you are interested in joining it may be a big help in getting this wiki active again. Please let me know what you think. Below is the link to LCC.

    Just to clarify if we could get this wiki in as well.

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  • I have decided the time has come to take action. Tonight, Bobdo kept kicking me off the chat and bullying me (which isn't a surprise). He has been a serious nuisance in the past to both of us, and I'm not prepared to put up with it a moment longer. You must agree his behaviour has gone way too far. 

    I think we should meet up with him on the Bionicle MOC Wiki chat, where we can sort this out once and for all.

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    • Shadowmaster wrote:
      I feel like it's important, LEGOFan, to give the full story when you're explaining things. For example, I think it would have been a useful addition to note that you were only banned from CBW chat for 2 hours (to compare, you banned Bob from this wiki for an entire year in spite of him having never edited, and only unbanned him upon request from multiple users. He'd been banned for 13 days on this wiki without having even done anything, so you're hardly one to complain about being banned from a chat for 2 hours), and that the terms of Lavertus's "peace treaty" required Bob to "admit" to the alleged cyberbullying. Forgive me, but again I'm inclined to believe Bob's account on the matter that he never cyberbullied you, based on the fact that you have been entirely unable to provide any evidence that he cyberbullied you aside from the fact that he kicked you - and Lavertus himself, in a discussion with Bob, has noted that kicking is not bullying. So what's the purpose of a treaty if it tries to get Bob to admit to something that, by all evidence, he didn't do?

      I want to see you all - every witness to Bob's alleged cyberbullying - in CBW chat as soon as the opportunity arises. I want you all to be fully prepared to explain specifically how Bob was cyberbullying, and I want evidence. In the two conversations I've seen in which you, Lavertus and LEGOFan, have tried to discuss this, you were only able to attest to Bob kicking you from CBW chat (and I remind you, again, from Lavertus's own words "Kicking isnt bullying") and banning you from CBW chat (a ban that lasted for literally less than a minute). Lavertus alone was unable to provide any examples, and by all evidence, he has been completely uninvolved in the alleged incidents with Bob and only knows what he's been told. For this reason, I don't want Lavertus giving any examples. I want to hear the examples of cyberbullying, specifically from those who witnessed the "cyberbullying".

      If you are unable to provide the examples and the evidence, let's just say I'll be very unimpressed at the least, and administrative action on CBW will be seriously considered. And when I say that, before you accuse me of "bullying", consider things from my perspective. Here's two users, Lavertus and LEGOFan, showing up and claiming that one of my fellow admins cyberbullied them. These two users also have threatened, repeatedly, to contact Wikia Staff over these alleged incidents of cyberbullying. The only thing I can imagine these two users expect to accomplish by contacting Wikia Staff is Bob's demotion, so, in essence, they're threatening to have him demoted. But the kicker is, these two users have been entirely unable, on multiple occasions, to provide any sort of evidence that Bob actually participated in this cyberbullying. In fact, they can't even give any examples of Bob cyberbullying. In all of my chats with you, LEGOFan, I've heard a grand total of two examples of Bob's alleged cyberbullying: 1) He kicked you from chat, which Lavertus has stated is not a form of bullying, and 2) He banned you from chat (having looked through the chat ban logs, I can clearly see that your only chat ban on CBW prior to today began on December 17th, 2014 at 12:02 PM EST and ended on December 17th, 2014 at 12:02 PM EST - in other words, it lasted for less than a minute). So, here's how the situation looks to me: Two users are trying to start trouble, accusing Bob of something that they are entirely unable to provide evidence of him doing. In addition, they're threatening to have him demoted or at the very least disciplined in some way by Wikia Staff, again for something that they are entirely unable to provide evidence of him doing. What's my conclusion? These two users are harassing a fellow admin of mine, and expect him to admit to, or be punished for, crimes that these users haven't even been able to define.

      If you continue to claim that Bob is responsible for some sort of crimes and threaten to have him punished for those crimes, then I expect you to be able to back those claims up. Given your current stance, and your having been completely unable to even give any concrete examples of Bob cyberbullying, your case isn't looking too good. So here's the two options I'll allow for: either you stop accusing Bob of things that you cannot even define and you have no evidence of him doing, or provide some concrete examples and evidence that Bob did the things you claim he did - and I want this evidence from the witnesses themselves, not from Lavertus, who has only been told about what Bob has allegedly done and has not witnessed these "crimes" himself. If you, LEGOFan, are unable to do either of these things, then I don't want you participating in the Custom BIONICLE Wiki community, and the same applies to Lavertus. I don't need to see users on CBW who are going to repeatedly disrupt the wiki to accuse a fellow, trusted administrator of mine of committing acts of cyberbullying and yet be completely unable to describe anything that he has done or provide evidence of him doing these things.

      I hope that everything I've said here tonight is very well understood, because I'm not going to explain things again. Everything I've said here, I've said on behalf of the CBW staff - and understand that these are the compromises we're willing to make. Either you stop threatening Bob and making thin accusations, you provide examples and evidence of what he's done, and if you fail to do either of these you are not welcome in the CBW community. Am I understood?

      You are making false accusations. First of all, kicking me off the chat and banning me isn't the only thing he's done. I've explained all his crimes to you in the past, and for some reason you totally ignored what I said. Now you're accusing us, and for what purpose? 

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    • Tell bob and his friends from everyone on this wiki, grow up. Stop firing false accusations at us and get over yourselves. This has gone on long enough and were all tired of it

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  • What do you think of the Bionicle MOC Wiki's re-design?

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  • I think we should all arrange a time to meet up on the chat. So what time is ok for you?

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  • Hello, Lavertus!

    I was just wondering if you'd like to join my new Agentpedia wiki. I created it in an attempt to revive the old Agents wiki, and It's a great place where you can edit articles, create blog posts, chat and have fun!. See this link:


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  • Hello Lavertus!

    Since my Bionicle MOC wiki is quite new, it would be a great idea if we spread the word around on multiple wikis and that way we can get more members. What'd you think? 

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